Best top 3 search engines in World
1 - Google -

Google search engine comes first in search engines. Because if you want to know about someone, then most people search on Google. Because the highest search in the whole world is done on Google search engines and the highest search on Google is done from India. If any topic is to be searched then it will be searched on Google Search on Google People from almost all countries are Google's first place in the world. Google is the best search engine in the whole world's. Google search engines is the most liked.

2 - Yahoo -

The search engine that comes after the second number after Google comes to Yahoo search engines, the highest search is done on Google, followed by Yahoo on two numbers, very few people from India search on Yahoo search engines but Yahoo Search The use of engines is most commonly used in the United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates.

3 - Bing -

Bing Search Engine comes on the third place after Google and Yahoo. Bing search engines are also used in India very little. But this search engine is also used in most of the countries. In which Yahoo search engines are used. Bing search engines are used to search on a topic using Bing Search Engine at third place in the whole world.