Best e-commerce platform in india

India's Top 5 ecommerce website

1 - Amazon -

According to the similar web report in India's Top 5 ecommerce website, Amazon is India's most popular ecommerce website. It was started at time in 2013. Amazon has been constantly focusing on bringing new products to its site over the last 2 years. So that Amazon helps to connect with you. Because of Amazon's delivery service and high quality products, people are quite pleased with Amazon, so Amazon has added another class website from Amazon Prime Video, so people can see many things.

2 - Flipkart -

Flipkart website is seen from the startup view, then Flipkart is the perfect example of Flipkart startup that was started in 2007. This website was initially sold only for books only, Flipkart began to sell other products on its website, and in the last 10 - 12 years it has made its website very well and after Amazon it is the second ecommerce in India Became a website.

3 - paytm - 

Paytm was established in year 2010. Paytm is the third ecommerce website after Amazon and Flipkart. Paytm started its mobile from the mobile. Paytm was the first to recharge the mobile online. Paytm started the petmem mall in 2017 and stepped into the ecommerce company. Paytm became the main shareholder in the year 2017, and kept electronic goods and mobile brands placed on its website.

4 - Zomato -

Zomato is also an e-commerce company. Zomato is also a good example of startup. The beginnings of zoamato are wonderful. Zomato used to provide information about the first major cities in the city. Zomato works in all the major cities; zoMato works in all big cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. Zomato first used to provide information about the restaurant. But gradually it started by online promising work from all the major restaurants, and zomato started distributing the home when ordering online from any food program and also facilitated the facility.

5 - Shopclues -

Shopclues was launched in 2011 and is also a major ecommerce website. It works on more than 30000 pincode. More than 5 million vendors are connected with the company. Shopclues 9 works in different categories. It includes mobile, electronic goods, computer etc.