Multimedia means different modes of communication are mixed in the form of composite format, in the field of information technology, it is used to get text, graphics, animation, audio, video etc. on the same computer. The use of multiple media simultaneously in the presentation of any information is multimedia.

The necessary tools for multimedia (i) VGA or SVIS Ai Card (VGA - Video Graphics | Array or SVGA - Super Video Graphics Array) (ii) Audioblastercoral, (ii) Speaker, (iv) CD - ROM drive, (v) MPEG - Moving Pictures Ex pert Group ( vi) Multimedia software, (vii) Mike and Camera (Voluntary) Currently, multimedia is used in education, business, production, information, entertainment and other creative works. As well as experimenting with a faster calculation tool, modern computers Now widely used in data processors Are used in the form of data. Depending on the computer application, the data comes in different shapes and sizes. Multimedia starts with the introduction of computer systems. In this there is a description of the various media used in computer systems and the software and hardware required to handle each. There is also a description of some of the main multimedia applications that enable readers to understand the different types of multimedia usage.
 0 What is multimedia? Medium (plural - media) is that which is used to present information. There are two ways to present any information
1. Unidined Presentation - Single medium is used to present information in it.Example Music system is a unidium device because computer  offers this information only through sound medium. In the same way, a book that contains only text (not picture), it is also a uniidium device because it presents information through text medium. 2 . Multimedia presentation -
 More than one medium is used to present information in it.For example, the TV system is a multimedia device because it gives information via sound and video. Similarly, the book with a text and picture is also a multimedia device because it presents information in the form of text, graphics, and image. Multimedia presentation of any information enhances its users' ability to understand example. If the teacher draws pictures when teaching on a board then students in a class can understand the lessons better. In the Commuter systems, media, which are often used for storage access and transmission of information, are 1. Text (Alphanumeric Character), 2 Graphics (line drawing and image),