Climate change And Globle Warming

Climate change And Globle Warming Climate change continues to be a worldwide concern. Climate change causes climate change due to the day-to-day increase in Earth's temperature and due to the changes in weather. These gasses contain the major gasses in the atmosphere, 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.03% carbon dioxide, 0.97% other gasses.The main cause of climate change is carbon dioxide. Because the Earth absorbs the rays from the sun and it returns as long waves, but carbon dioxide will embrace these waves and not allow them to return, thus increasing the Earth's temperature. Because this gas allows the rays from the sun to enter, but does not allow them to return later, so it dissolves in the gaseous atmosphere.That is leading to global warming. Scientists who studied the environment in depth gave this warning to all countries ' governments. The IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's fresh report has warned that global temperature is rising very rapidly and if there is no step to cut carbon emissions time, it might be a devastating issue.The average earth temperature should be at 1.5 degrees for this. The green house is also the main reason for the temperature increase as it absorbs heat and thus increases the surrounding temperature as well as being the main cause of climate change. That's global warming, therefore. Deforestation is the main cause of climate change and global warming, because forest carbon emits gas and Oxygen releases. Hence, having forests is very important, but due to forest deforestation, the earth's temperature is rising. The carbon dioxide quantity is increasing and the global warming problem is emerging.One of the main reasons for this is also industrial and urbanization. Because we've developed a lot of industry businesses for our fulfillment, where the smoke from which the smoke comes out, there's a very high amount of carbon methane and other gasses so it gets into the atmosphere and meeting them will raise temperatures. In the urbanization sector,The reduction of forests has developed cities in such a way that global warming has increased excessively and there are many other reasons why the temperature has increased. As a result, global warming is on the rise. And the rate of development can also be reducedThis shall limit the earth's temperature to 1.5 degrees by 2030. It will be devastating if it is not controlled. And that's the case with India. The hot ventilation will continue to run more with the rise in temperature and its impact on agriculture as well. And the land will begin to become unfruitful.