Characterstics of computer

1 - Flexibility - Machine used in a variety of fields such as science, engineering, medicine, army, space, graphics, internet, music creation, video making, entertainment, games etc. Is done in
(2) Reliability (Accuracy) Computer is popular due to 100% pure results. The computer only calculates the instructions that it provided. has gone . If the correct instructions have been given, then the result. 100% will be correct, but if the directions are not correct then the instructions are correct. for The results will not be found correct. This principle is known as GIGO (Grabage In Garbage Out). (3) Consistency computer never lessens with work . Always works with one caution. That is, there is always unity in his work. Therefore, the work viewer who repeatedly needs to repeat it also keeps it awake.
(4) The information stored in Information Frtrieval computer has a lot of capacity to store information, when information is collected once in the non-volatile memory. Nowadays, the computer does not lose or forgets, CDROM (CDROMCompact Disk Read Only Memory) is the main way of collecting information, besides other media, hard disk, floppy, magnetic tape etc.
 5) Speed ​​computer work is more speedy. It's hard to hard calculations too.Features of rics stics of Computer Taxes in billions of calculations in a second of PC arithmetic. Could. The speed of the computer is measured in MIPS (Million Instruction Per Second).
 (6) Productivity Increases: By using the computer, a large number of products can be obtained at a certain time, from which the worker gets more money. Use of computer increases productivity.
(7) Amod - Recreational Tool Computer is a suitable device for Amod - Pramod. Kids can play games in it. On this, music can be enjoyed, Doordarshan etc. of the movie can be enjoyed.
(8) Employment opportunities - Better Employment - The number of jobs has increased in the national and international sectors by computer. Increased opportunities for employment in computers, in business, in education, in education, in banks etc, CE IS
(9) high quality products enhances the quality of computer products and also develops in the work style. For example, after getting the help of computer in ticket booking and reservation work at railway station, now it is possible to make reservation of railway at any station from any station to any place.
(10) Educational Benefits Computer | There are many such programs available by which students can study their various subjects. This type of yoga disease is like