Water Pollution 

After life, the second essential element is water for life. Water is the basis of life in life. As Rahim has said -
Rahim says, value water, for there is nothing without it.
Do not get wet, pearl manas chun ..
Water is essential for all types of life. The option of water is only water. Two third of our body is made of water, water is a nutrient itself, and also edits the functioning of the body's essential nutrients. The history of the development of human civilization also shows that in the beginning, most civilizations developed on the banks side. Our modern civilization is also dependent on water in some form.

Demand for water due to population growth is huge. Due to the misuse of surface water sources on the other hand, the quantity of water has decreased. In the last few decades, water pollution is so fast that the source of clean water has turned into upstream congestion sites and open drains. The holy Ganges river has turned into a dirty drain in the lower valley today. Water pollution is polluted due to biological waste, upstream of mines and gaase, domestic exfoliation, industrial evaporation, radioactive upstream etc. Diseased pathways, rotten gali patios, stool urine of organisms etc. also pollute the water naturally in the water, which is not reflected in its effects. Polluted water in the home evacuation exits from the drains and pollutes the water in nearby water sources. By dissolving in the upstream pithartha nalo in industrial depletion, it mixes it in water and pollutes it. And from there the water starts flawless. Water is being immersed in the river continuously with urinary urine in the cities adjacent to river Ganges. Because of which the water is getting polluted. And due to the absence of water from the lakes, many of the world's lakes have been polluted to the level of danger.
On the footpath, the mountain falls on the opposite side. Due to which some toxic plants survive. It also falls on animals, especially on fish, and they have difficulty breathing due to thermal progress, the situation is also contrary to the situation. It has reduced oxygen.

Water Pollution Control Measures

Do not let the water used in the water flow in the water source.
After treatment of sewerage and sewage treatment by sewerage treatment plants, work in agriculture and other works.
Purified water and mechanical methods should be purified.
Strict laws should be enacted to prevent water sources from being polluted.