Soil Pollution

Soil is a basic natural resource. It has been used for thousands of years. Plants grow only in soil and on the basis of plants, all creatures survive. Even today, fertile soils have the most dense areas. India and China live almost half of the world's population. Three quarters of these countries are associated with the soil from agriculture. Soil land is the top layer. Which is composed of proportional totals of paternal orthodox, biological pathways, water, air. According to the famous cardiologist Hillguard, the sweet tree is the essential medium for the growth and development of the plant. Soil is being polluted due to the current activities and the use of chemicals for the production of limited land, disposing of upstream waste, obtaining raw material for industries etc. Fertile soil is the baseline element of balanced environment. Due to the over-exploitation of resources from the land and the defective human nature of the soil, the quality of the soil is constantly decreasing.

Soil erosion from extensive destruction of land use such as forest destruction.
Dumping of industrial and urban upstream
Household upstream such as plastic, glass, iron and tin tubes, waste equipment, old tires, rubber etc. are polluted by reaching the soil. With increasing population, the amount of domestic apiets is increasing. The large amount of upstream left out of the industries is left on open ground. The soil is polluted by this. The upstream metal, metal oxides, shawls, barks, pigments, etc., which are made from paper, oil, sugar industry etc. are included. Which destroys the fertile power of the soil. All garbage in the city, open the garbage outside the hospital etc. Soil pollution fails if it is not properly formed. Due to the use of chemical pesticides soil is polluted. According to WHO, more than 5 lakh people get premature death due to germination of pesticides. Deforestation of the forest decreases soil erosion and biological properties. Fertile soils are flooded by flood and wind due to which the land becomes barren. Soil is polluted due to the presence of radioactive upstream in the soil of the nuclear explosion.

Soil Pollution Control Method

In this, the upstream person is thrown away to an open and dormant place, or the lower places or vehicles are given to him. .
Incineration of upstream should be incineration by incineration plants.

Soil Pollution Control

Reducing the use of pesticides in the agricultural sector
Do not irrigate with polluted water.
 In order to prevent soil erosion, it should be implanted.
Changing the litter in organic compost.
Reducing soil pollution by public awareness and awareness.