Kota style
Maharajal Ram Singh -

 The patron of Kota painting. Ram Singh gave independent existence to the kota style.

Raja Umed Singh-

A new change in the Kota style came in 1771, which is credited to the idol of Singh. The style of hunting pictures in this genre is the best example of the Kota style. The Yashan Singh's Shashan period is called the golden age of Kota style. In the painting of Kota, the whole campaign of the Vallabh sect was marked.
 Huntinga woman is the only style of Rajasthan in which these types of pictures are found.
Headlines of the hunting scene kota style.

Major Pictures - 

Krishna Leela, Raga Ragnans, Bharhamas, Court View
Leading painters - Dhaalu, Govinda, Lalchand, Ragun Dadas, and Laxmi Narayan

Alanya - 

Located in Kota, this place is famous for Shell Pictures.