Jaisalmer Fort (Jaisalmer)

Built on the Yellow Triangle Triangle (Trikute) hill built on stone stones, this fort symbolizes the glorious history of the rulers of Bhati dynasty. Bhati Ruler considers himself a descendant of Bhagvan Sri Krishna. This is considered the second oldest fort of Rajasthan.

Bhati Rulers' Degree - North Bank Kiwar Bhati
The fort of Jaisalmer is also known by the following names:
1- Andaman Nicobar of Rajasthan
2- The twists of Bhatis
Jaisalmer Durg, from far away it seems as if-
1- A large ship anchored in the sand of the sand.
2- Bounding lion
Maharajal Jaisal laid the foundation stone of Jaisalmer Fort
The length of the fort, width and height respectively - 1500 feet, 750 feet, and 250 feet.
Adinath Jain Temple - This is the oldest Jain temple in this fort.
Importance of Jaisalmer's fortification -
This rust appears to be shining with gold in the morning and at sunset, with the sun's redness. Hence it is also called Sonargarh.
It is so difficult to reach here that the following Doha is prevalent in its relation -
Horse kayyad kedar ki ki kiya kej pasan Bhaktar Kejai iron, when look as if
(If you have to reach Jaisalmer then you should have a wooden horse, a stone brace, iron cloth, otherwise you can not reach Jaisalmer)
This fort is built without having to choose the stone only on stone stone.
The most prominent temple of the handicrafts is the Vesesta of the fort.
Ghagranuma dual pakota located around the fort and around the fort.
Sonar Kila Film was produced by film director Satyajit Ray. In January 2005 Jedlmer Durg was included in the list of World Treasures. In the year 2009, a stamp of Rs five rupees was issued on this fort. The 2009 earthquake has cracks in it. Jaisalmer has the largest number of baskets (99) in the fort.
The Mabharka Mahal of Jaisalmer Fort is the most famous in the fortresses of Rajasthan. The group of five palaces situated in Sonargarh fort
1- Best Villas
2-yard palace
3- Rang Mahal
4- Badal Palace
5- Moti Mahal
Here's a bundle of balls.