How to write article on blog

To write an article on the blog, first you have to open your blog and first of all there should be a domain on the blog which makes it easy to search the post in Google Search Console. To write an article on the blog, open the blog and click on the new post to write the article, click on the new post, the new post will be open and write the post in it to write the handwriting of the post, and after writing the heading It can write about the post on which to write about, as it is about writing about the environment, the heading in the post will also write about the environment and that Wrote heading in Ost Likege box of her own New posts. And after writing it, it will also write about the environment in search description. And after that in the label which is mentioned in the post, the subject or its subject will be written in the label. And so the post is written in the blog. After that, after writing the post correctly, the copyright free image is used to image the image on which the post is written. After that the post is written by clicking on the Publish button, that post is published and thus the post is written on the blog.