Important keynote, monument and structure
Kumbhalgarh (rajsamand)

This fort lies on the border of Mewar and Marwar, in the hills of the Aravali mountain range.
Surname - Matsyendra, Kumbhammer, (Kumbha's wife Maharani
Kumblvati's name), Kumbhalkar, Mahor, Kamelmir, Mewar - guard of Marwar border, sword rising on Marwar's chest
Paharia - Zarga, Hemkoot, Neel . 

Himmanwant and Gandaman are in the middle

This fort was built by Maharana Kumbha in the memory of his wife in the view of the structure of the temple, from 1443 to 1458, in this fort, there is a pool of Mama Dev.
Penaday had sacrificed his son Chandan and sacrificed his life to Swami Uday Singh.
Penaday had taken refuge in this fort along with Uday Singh, near the fortress Asha Devpura. The palace of Badal, Palace of Claude, Katarnagarh is considered as the birthplace of Maharana Pratap

Distinguishing Facts -

Maharana Raimal's son, Kunwar Prithviraj, spent his childhood here, due to his fast run power, flying in history, known as Rajkumar, there is a canopy of 12 pillars within the fort, there are 9 doors in the fort.
This fort is protected by the 13 mountain peaks of Aravali, which has been safely dropped from the 36-kilometer long treble protective wall, which is recorded in the international record, its security wall is 7 meters wide, it can walk four horses simultaneously on this great wall of China After the world's largest wall, it is called the Great Wall of India
It is the most important fort of Rajasthan's after the fort of Chittorgarh's, Chittoor Durg is famous for heroism, sacrifice and adventure stories, while the fort of Kublalgarh's is known for its unique architecture and natural protection.
 Withinthe fort of Kutargarh Kumbhalgarh, this fort stands at the highest point. It was the dwelling place of Kumbha, on the top of the palace, the cell is called the Music Room. Here Rana Kumbha wrote the hammer of the moon-shaft; Utha was killed in the murder of Maharana Kumbha in Katargarh. This fort is called Mewar's eye