History of Chauhano of Ranthambore

Establishment: Govind, the son of Prithviraj Chauhan Tartiya, laid the foundations of Chauhan dynasty in 1194 AD in Ranthambore.

Hammir Dev (1282 - 1301 AD) - 

Mata - Hiradevi, wife - Empress Rangdevi, daughter - Deolade.
Upadiya - Shakambari Naresh (by Acharya Abhishek), winner of the 16th war
A umbrella of justice - 32 umbrella umbrella built in the Randhambore fort in memory of the 32 years of his father's death by Hamir Dev.
Padmala pond - created by Hamir Dev.

Jalaluddin Khilji -

He attacked Ranthambore in 1291-92, terrified by the impenetrable fortification of the fort and the preparations of Hamir, he said by saying, "I do not even consider such ten kilos as equal to one child of a Muslim."

Allauddin Khilji -

The Muslim army invaded Zain fort, which was called the key to the path of Ranthambore under the leadership of Ulug Khan, Alam Khan and Nusrat Khan. The cause of Yud was to give shelter to Miramahumd Shah, Kavuru Kamru and Barbak by Hamir Dev.


Hamirdev Chauhan's Commander, Hamid Dev Dev
Rammil- Hamdardev Chauhan's castle guard, with humidadev.
Sureshshah - Unstoppable protector, reassured with Hamirdev.
On 11th July 1301, Hamir Tiia Oily Hamir Hatha did not exceed the same time, but according to the statement, he attained wiragati.
Rajasthan became the first Shakya on July 11, 1301.
1- Under the leadership of Rani Rangdevi, Jodhar was held in Ranthambore fort and 2- water johar by Princess Dewalda.
Amir Khusro said after the victory of Ranthambore that today the house of Kufr became the home of Islam.
The kingdom of Chintho of Ranthamor with Hamir ended.