Google chrome extension

1 - awesome screenshot

With this extension you can capture full web page and save it as image.
See it later or share it with other people. It gives the option of blurring sensitive information. If you want to create a video instead of the image, then it also gives the option to record the computer screen.

2 - floating player

This extension is useful if you spend a lot of time on YouTube. Floating Player can play video from YouTube in the floating window inside the browser. With the video player's floating window, you can switch to different tabs to browse the internet. Increase or increase the size of the floating window.

3 - adblock

Adblock is this extension that prevents the rain of ads coming on the website. All you have to do is install and enlarge the extension. After that clean web pages will start to appear. You can see how many ads have been blocked on every page on the Adblock button.

4 - Grammarly

Whatever you write on the web, you can check the spelling mistake or grammar of the grammar extension from the Gramrali Extension. It quickly highlights any mistake in the words you have written. It can work on any website.

5 - Ghostery

If you are worried about privacy and want to know what kind of data it is about when you go to a website, then you can use this extension. You can see the trekkers used by every website and block them.

6 - magic action for youtube

Nowadays most users do content access to YouTube from Chrome. Magic action extension is good for these users. This enables auto-hd sequels for YouTube videos. It also offers auto-wide turn. This allows videos to play in the player mode. You can control the volume from the mouse scroll, take a screenshot of the video while playing, and access the watch history. There is also a fantastic movie turnover in it.

7 -  Infinity nity new tab

Whenever you open a new tab on Chrome, the plane will be bored with white appearing every time. Infinity New Tab Extension frees this problem. Adds a background to the new tab and gives it the cutlot to perform the customs. It can give quick access to the preferred website and get notifications of every new mail.

8 - Pocket

If you want to save content to fall in the wrong then Pocket extensions are good. Once you create its free account, you can save everything from the web in Pocket.
Many problems can be solved if Google Chrome is working with the extension. Google Chrome is the world's famous web browser. It has an extension extension. These extensions can make everyday life easier.