Folk god of Rajasthan
1- Pabuji

Colhu - born in this place of Phalodi (Jodhpur) in 1239 AD.
Pabuji belonged to the Radhod dynasty of Marwar.
Pabuji's ponds are particularly popular.
Pabuji Nari is known for respect, protection of the protection, protection of cow protection and bravery.
Pabuji insisted on untouchability and established an inexhaustible relationship with the Bhils.
Camel - Pabuji is said to be the god of camels, the credit is given to Pabuji to bring camel in Marwar
Bhoppa tribe treats Pabuji as her adorable god.
Pappu is sung by Bhopo and Bhopio when the mood is completed.

Pabu Prakash - 

Written composition by Asia Murda ji
Deval Charan - After the kidnapping of their cows by Jail Naresh Jindrao Chuichi, Pabuji fought with the drawn to rescue the cows, during which his death (1276 AD) occurred.
Pabuji's name comes first in Panch Pirs.
The plate dance - is done by the evils of Paboji.

Mirza Khan -

 Rashan's Rashak, Pabuji fought against him
Duda Sumara - Muslim Salkar of Multan, the main Hindu defective, Pabuji fought with it and defeated it.
Their location is in Kolmund (Jodhpur) and Sinhabhudra (Bikaner).