Air pollution

The environment is made up of sites, water, air and biosphere. The site and the hydrosphere are also available on other planets of the solar system planet, but the biosphere is only available on Earth. Similarly, the atmosphere is also responsible for making the earth special in the entire solar system. Pure air is the basis of healthy life. A normal person breathes 22,000 times a day, breathing approximately 16 kg of life, which is many times more than water and food. Man can survive for a few weeks without food or without water for some days but without air

Can not survive for a few minutes In air pollution, such as smoke, dust, toxic gases, haze, etc., in the greater quantity, the difference in the natural properties of the air and the loss of health of humans and other organisms is called air pollution. Air pollution is caused by the following reasons
As the smoke coming out of factories in the air pollutes the air together in the air. The poisonous gas pollutants from the motor vehicles pollute the air. The smoke coming from motor yano, vehicles etc. pollutes the air. There are also many other factors of air pollution from which air pollution fails. Air pollution produces smoke from the burning of plastic and other materials, also causes air pollution. So that the amount of pollution in the air is increasing day by day. Air pollution is also due to many reasons like the beauty of the Taj Mahal is also disappearing due to the smoke coming from the Mathura Oil Refinery. As in Bhopal Gas Tragedy, in December 1984, 4000 people died due to the leak of methyl (mic), more than 10000 people were perverted.
In the production of atomic bombs and molecular hats, many radioactive substances are employed, that the deadly radiation emanating from them is extremely destructive for mankind and tree podo.
Air pollution contrasts with all creatures on the earth, which also causes contrasting mountains on the podo and there is a reverse reaction to the process of light nursing.

Air pollution control measures -

We should use pollution-free energy sources like solar energy, wind power, water energy.
Dung gas, natural gas should be used as fuel.
Regular check of pollution of motor vehicles should be restricted to old vehicles as well.
Both the industrial areas and both the transport routes and the green belt should be developed.
Illegal logging of forests should be stopped.
Should be emphasized on sagan afforestation. In fact, plant plants are the means of removing air pollution.
Environmental protection laws must be followed strictly.